Exclusive Access. Unique Insights. Shared Experiences.

Based on IWF Colorado’s membership of women who lead in a broad array of organizations and people, Forum programs provide unprecedented access to the current events, ideas and people shaping Colorado.

From behind-the-scenes tours of Colorado landmarks that have included Union Station’s development to Denver Airport’s expansion; to exclusive presentations that include women in the military, scientific advancements in DNA testing, and women in politics; members explore, learn, and become informed as leaders, citizens, and professionals.

Signature Events

IWF Colorado Signature Events convene large numbers of Forum women, combining  networking and relationship-building with celebrating. These events include the IWF Colorado Annual Meeting, New Member Reception, and the year-end holiday party. 

These large and well-attended events bring together multiple generations of members who bond over shared similar experiences and journeys, no matter their ages, industries, or professions

Special Events

IWF Colorado Special Events provide unparalleled access to life-enhancing  information, experiences, and relationships.

Special Events vary based on current local, national and international events, new discoveries and landmarks, novel trends, and other notable activities of interest. Special Events are marked by exclusive access to information and insights provided only to Forum members and their invited guests. 

Recent member hosted events include behind-the-scenes tours of Denver Center of Performing Arts, the first Ever Girl Scouts DreamLab, and Mile High United Way’s Early Childhood Education Center. Other special events include a mountain hike and lunch, cooking class, private guided tours of National Landmarks, such as the Garden of the Gods and Chautauqua, as well as special celebrations including our members with over 25 years of engagement.

Dine Arounds

IWF Colorado Dine Arounds are hosted by Forum members who open their homes and invite fellow members to join them for dinner.  These intimate dinners forge friendships and establish fresh connections that transcend the diversity of the Forum, with conversations as interesting and unique as the women in the room. As one of the most popular members-only programs, these Dinners confirm that one of the best benefits of Forum membership is the opportunity to get to know exceptional women at personal and professional levels.

IWF Conferences

Each year, the International Women’s Forum invites all of its forum members to a World Leadership Conference and a regional Cornerstone Conference. IWF Conferences share information unique to country hosts while featuring topics of commonality among women leaders.

Convening members throughout the world, IWF Conference content informs and inspires, while outings and gatherings provide exclusive access to venues and individuals, resulting in some of the world’s most interesting and unique educational experiences.

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